The Pylon MIS Posterolateral Graft Delivery System allows for dilation, bony preparation, and graft placement in a controlled and minimally invasive manner.  Uses for this system include fusion site preparation along the lumbar transverse processes.

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Posterolateral gutter fusions are regarded by many surgeons as a robust fusion option, but can typically can only be performed during open/invasive procedures.

Pylon allows for fusion site preparation and graft placement along the lumbar transverse processes in a controlled and minimally invasive manner. The Pylon utilizes a small 1 cm incision above or below the level to be fused and allows for decortication and graft delivery through a single instrument pass.

The simple, three step system is designed to deliver a wide variety of bone graft materials to aid in a minimally invasive posterolateral fusion. TranS1 offers a wide range of bone graft materials including DBM putty/strips, and corticocancellous putty/strips, and autograft harvested with the TranS1 Capital MIS Illiac Crest Bone Graft Harvester.

Pylon Handle

Bone File

Impact Plunger

Pylon Bone File Assembly

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