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 TranS1 and AxiaLIF+ have been featured in a variety of spine news and articles. Learn more about our spinal device company and spinal fusion with AxiaLIF+.

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TranS1: Innovative Products and Partnership

“Minimally invasive spine surgery sounds like an oxymoron. But that’s precisely the goal at TranS1, headquartered in a restored Victorian home in Denver’s hip Highlands neighborhood.”

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TranS1, CU Innovations Partner for Surgical Innovation

“’The relationship with TranS1 has given us the ability to find a marketable pathway to progress with an idea in a way that was not possible before,’ said Vikas Patel, M.D., M.A., chief of Orthopedic Spine Surgery at CU Anschutz.”

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Ten Best New Spine Technologies for 2017

“This annual award rewards inventors, engineering teams, surgeons and their companies who’ve created the most innovative, enduring and practical products in 2017 to treat back care.”

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TranS1, CU Innovations partner to bring surgeons’ spine concepts to market: 4 takeaways

“TranS1 is partnering with CU Innovations and Aurora-based University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus’ orthopedic surgery department.”

“Inside IP” Interview with Jeff Schell

“’Jeff Schell, Founder of IdeaJam, TranS1, Quandary Medical, and patent attorney appears on Inside IP to discuss his companies and patents with host Shelly Maxwell.”

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30 minimally invasive spine devices to know

“Minimally invasive spine surgery is becoming more common as technological advancements in surgical procedures and pain management make less invasive surgery safer and more effective than traditional open procedures.”


A Discussion of the TranS1 AxiaLIF

“This tool provides anterior stabilization of the L5-S1 segment as an adjunct to spinal fusion, yet is minimally invasive, allows for optimum postoperative movement, and even next-day patient discharge.”

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Surgeon-driven innovation in spine surgery: TranS1 CEO on 2 new innovations & what the future holds

“TranS1 launched the Capital Bone Graft Harvester and Pylon Graft Delivery systems at the 2016 North American Spine Society Annual Meeting.”

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A Pair of Respected Surgeons Commend TranS1’s AxiaLIF+ Approach

“William D. Tobler, M.D. and Richard J. Nasca, MD, a pair of respected surgeons, collaborated to write a chapter on the unique paracoccygeal transsacral approach to the lumbosacral junction for interbody fusion.”


How Physicians are Improving the Bottom Line for Device Companies

“Bringing surgeons into the product development process can save time and money for device makers. How big a role are clinicians playing in R&D?”

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AxiaLIF’s value-based advantage: Key thoughts on TranS1’s spinal technology

“The AxiaLIF technology isn’t new to the field, but since gaining FDA clearance and a Category I CPT codes more surgeons are taking notice.”

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Infographic: AxiaLIF vs. TLIF

“This is an infographic comparing the presacral L5-S1 approach to traditional spinal surgery.”


TranS1 – A new approach to L5-S1 fusion

“The biotechnology scene is exploding in Colorado.  Collaboration between academic, industry and professional organizations is driving innovation throughout the state.”

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Spine Innovation in the 21st Century – Cost, quality & knowing what surgeons want

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Dr. William Tobler praises TranS1’s AxiaLIF approach: 7 highlights from his talk

“Neurosurgeon William Tobler, MD, discussed his experience using TranS1’s AxiaLIF+ in a TranS1 YouTube video. Dr. Tobler serves patients at The Mayfield Brain and Spine Clinic in Cincinnati.”


AxiaLIF could save $3.5k per spine surgery: 5 key notes

“TranS1’s AxiaLIF procedures could save the healthcare system thousands per procedure, according to a new economic analysis.”


TranS1’s AxiaLIF Receives New Life

“After being introduced to surgeons more than a decade ago, the AxiaLIF® system, designed to promote fusion in the L5-S1 vertebral bodies, has received new backing from the restructured TranS1.”


Fusing Innovation to the Spinal Sector

“TranS1’s Jeff Schell shares his experience in securing the patent on a spinal fusion technology and supporting its growth.”

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AxiaLIF- Back from the Dead

“Jeffrey Schell acquired approximately $100 million of R&D investment plus millions of dollars of inventory—for less than $1 million. Since then, he and his team have added about 40 new patent applications, a key European distribution deal and, now, more than 50 surgeons are routinely using AxiaLIF.”

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TranS1 Named ‘Most Innovative Workplace’ – 4 Takeaways

“The Denver-based spine device company TranS1 was recently celebrated as Colorado’s “Most Innovative Workplace,” according to the Denver Post.


Dr. Innovation to the R&D Lab, STAT

“From a developmental standpoint, surgeon recommendations are the holy grail of information. But from the surgeon’s standpoint, their early involvement in the creation of new technologies is equally beneficial.”


Can This Spinal Fusion Technology Rise from the Ashes?

“AxiaLIF initially fell victim to coding woes and scandal, but a new group of investors believes the spinal fusion technology is worth fighting for.”

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TranS1 Wins Innovation Award

“TranS1 is the most innovative workplace for millennials in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains – aka: the new silicon valley.  Who are these guys?”


A Pathway for Commercializing Physician Innovations

“TranS1® recognizes that the most important, game-changing surgical innovations to improve patient care come from those closest to patient care: doctors.”

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NASS 2016: For Spine Innovation, Agility is the Key Ingredient

“A carefully designed mix of product development capabilities, business partnerships, and culture have enabled our team to develop innovative technologies that will drastically improve patient lives.”

Salvaged From Bankruptcy, TranS1 Medical Device Finds New Life

“Snapped up at auction, AxiaLIF has become the lead product of a Denver, CO, medical device startup that also took the TranS1 name.”

TranS1, Symberix, and More in Innovation News

“A medical device developed on the North Carolina coast now has a new home in the Rocky Mountains.”


TranS1 CEO discusses recent economic analysis and benefits of AxiaLIF

“A recently published economic analysis identified many benefits of AxiaLIF, including cost savings. In this podcast, Jeff discusses the study and AxiaLIF.”