TranS1 and Colorado Bioscience Association

The Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) is paving the way for biotechnology innovation across the state, and TranS1® is delighted to be a member company. With a highly educated workforce, strong academic centers, and organizations like CBSA leading the charge, Colorado is rapidly becoming a biotechnology hub. CBSA creates collaboration between industry, academic, and medical organizations.  The TranS1® approach to innovation — collaboration with surgeons to lead our research and development efforts — aligns with CBSA’s approach. CBSA also links innovators to funding, infrastructure, research and talent, which has provided TranS1’s® with valuable resources and support.

Further, TranS1’s® President and CEO Jeff Schell recently contributed an article in the CBSA newsletter detailing how collaboration drives innovation in Colorado. Surgeons from across the state are enthusiastic and eager to be a part of CBSA’s efforts.

Through all of TranS1’s® innovation efforts, our collaboration with developers, inventors and professionals in the medical field drives efficiency and the development of innovative technologies. Our involvement with CBSA has introduced us to additional industry resources that will drive invaluable collaborations in the future.

TranS1’s® partnership with CBSA has proven to be successful, as it enhances and accelerates innovation in our group of companies. From the resources available right here in Colorado, patients can expect technologies that are less invasive, lead to faster recovery, and improve their overall quality of life.