TranS1 award

TranS1 was recognized at The Millennial Weekend Denver 80/95 Awards, as the “Most Innovative Workplace in Denver.”  The award was presented by the Denver Post on August 17 and acknowledged TranS1 for “fostering innovation and creativity…to millennial employees and entrepreneurs.”

During the event, a networking reception highlighted the positive impact created by millennials in a number of areas, including society, civic engagement and entrepreneurship.

“We are a diverse group of driven, tech-savvy, community-minded Americans that are making big waves in society by swaying elections, disrupting industries and reshaping America’s cities,” said Natalie M. Moss, director and founder of Millennial Week, in an article published by 303 Magazine. “Millennial Week events focus on the impact of millennials on culture, enterprise and society.”

TranS1 is proud to earn “Most Innovative Workplace” award, because it recognizes our talented team and paradigm-shifting business model.  Our mission is develop medical breakthroughs that improve patient outcomes by reducing tissue trauma. To accomplish this, TranS1 has assembled an agile, cross-disciplinary team of engineers, product marketers, and legal experts that work seamlessly to research, develop, and protect the intellectual property of products.  The team includes of a deep pool of local talent, including staff with advanced degrees from CU-Anschutz and Colorado State University, as well as team members from other top institutions around the county.

TranS1’s President & CEO, Jeff Schell, also received a nomination for “Innovator of the Year”.