TranS1® Pylon Graft DeliveryTM

Patent Pending. Available in 2017.

The TranS1® Pylon Graft Delivery allows for bone graft placement along the transverse processes in a controlled and minimally invasive manner. The Pylon utilizes the same incisions as posterior instrumentation, and bone graft deploys through an MIS incision, minimizing tissue disruption.

Pylon Graft Delivery includes customized bone graft, selected for proven quality and performance. This two piece system is designed to allow the surgeon precision control for proper trajectory, while also decorticating lateral aspects of the spine for graft placement.  Once the pathway is achieved, the surgeon may place the graft in a minimally invasive manner.

TranS1 Pylon Graft Delivery

Features and Benefits:

  • MIS device for posterolateral spine surgery deposits bone graft material using the same incision created by posterior instrumentation
  • Augments standard posterior fusion graft placement
  • Can be used in adjunct with posterior fixation, interbody fusions, laminectomies, etc.
  • Path Creation Tool allows precise control for surgeon chosen trajectory
  • Utilizing same incision as posterior fixation allows tactile feedback from resting pedicle screws
  • Path Creation Tool’s decorticating surface prepares an excellent bony bed for graft delivery
  • Plunger-like delivery device allows for precise control of graft placement as well as site targeting