TranS1® KeyStone Pedicle Screw System

TranS1 KeyStone Pedicle Screw System

The TranS1 KeyStone Pedicle Screw System’s low torque design fully locks in 65 in-lbs (7.3 N-m), which is nearly half of the torque required by most competitive designs. The low torque design also fosters high tactile feedback and reduces anatomical loads during final construct tightening. Additionally, this expanded capability is also enhanced through the pedicle screw’s thread form, which optimizes the bone screw interface and related pullout strength.


Evolutionary Low Torque Hybrid Square Thread

  • Efficient and robust, low torque locking cap design
  • Final locking secured at 65 in-lbs (7.3 N-m) minimizing forces applied to anatomy and provides benchmark tactile feedback
  • Hybrid square thread locking cap minimizes cross-threading, splaying, and false locking

Low Profile Construct & Insertion Devices

  • Allows up to 60° of angulation
  • Rounded tulip underside for optimal bone graft placement
  • Stable screw-inserter coupling for ideal control during insertion

Simplified Instrumentation & System

  • Surgical procedure can be performed with as few as 5 system specific
  • All implants and instruments within a dual tray configuration

Product Offerings

  • Pedicle screws are available in solid, cannulated, and reduction head configurations
  • Also available: closed head and mono-axial screws
  • Screw diameters range from 4.5 mm to 8.5 mm and are available in lengths from 25 mm to 100 mm in 5 mm increments
  • Pre-lordosed rods available from 30 mm to 120 mm in 5 mm increments. Long, straight rods up to 435 mm in 10 mm increments are also available
  • Telescoping, straight, and variable cross connectors are available in 4 sizes, spanning in lengths from 30 mm to 76 mm
TranS1 MIS Pedicle Screw System