TranS1® Spine Surgery Products

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - AxiaLIF+ System

The AxiaLIF+TM System

The AxiaLIF+®(Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion) System is designed to create a safe and reproducible anterior retroperitoneal pre-sacral access route to the L5-S1 vertebral bodies.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Vectre Facet Fusion System

VectreTM Facet Screw System

The Vectre Facet Fusion System offers a cannulated facet screw inserted over a guidewire to reduce muscle and tissue trauma. The facet screw, combined with a washer, provides solid, tactile feedback when fully seating the screw.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Captial Bone Graft Harvester

CapitalTM Bone Graft Harvester

The TranS1® CapitalTM Bone Graft Harvester allows for fast, reliable, and reproducible harvesting of autograft from the iliac crest. The simple four-component device provides bone graft material that is osteogenic, osteoinductive, osteoconductive, and ready to implant.

Patent Pending.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Spire PLIF and TLIF IBF System


The TranS1® SpireTM IBF System features state-of-the-art, self-distracting PEEK implants to support both PLIF and TLIF approaches.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Baluster Cervical Interbody System

BalusterTM Cervical Interbody System

Simple and complete – a one-tray layout with a range of implants reduces operating room logistics while providing the surgeon with options for the patient. The TranS1® BalusterTM Cervical IBF System is a simple, yet comprehensive, intervertebral body fusion spacer system. The implants are precision machined from PEEK Optima, offering excellent stability in a spacer with a modulus of elasticity similar to that of cortical bone.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - KeyStone MIS Pedicle Screw System

KeyStoneTM Pedicle Screw System

The TranS1® KeyStoneTM Pedicle Screw System is a low torque design that also fosters high tactile feedback and reduces anatomical loads during final construct tightening. This expanded capability is also enhanced through the pedicle screw’s thread form, which optimizes the bone screw interface and related pullout strength.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - KeyStone MIS Pedicle Screw System

KeyStone-MISTM Pedicle Screw System

The TranS1® KeyStone MISTM Pedicle Screw System is a simple, effective pedicle fixation system incorporating reliable rod delivery and dependable rod reduction. In less invasive procedures, the integrated extension tabs provide additional control and guidance during construct placement and locking.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Lattice Cervical Plate System

LatticeTM Cervical Plate System

The TranS1® LatticeTM Cervical Plate System’s self-locking design offers both visual and tactile feedback once fully seated and locked. Given its highly innovative plate geometry and profiling, the plate remains low profile, yet versatile enough to address all cervical plating situations. The system’s screw options enable multiple configurations to address most anatomies and surgeon needs. This expanded capability is further enhanced through an advanced screw thread form, which optimizes the bone screw interface and related pullout strength.

TranS1 Spine Surgery Products - Lattice-X Cervical Plate System

Lattice-XTM Cervical Plate System

The TranS1® Lattice-XTM Cervical Plate System combines class-leading features such as 28° screw angulation with a simplified instrument set to provide a versatile, easy-to-use stabilization system. The system allows surgeons to create a rigid, semiconstrained, or hybrid plate construct – all with a single system.