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TranS1 is a medical device company focused on providing elegant solutions to surgeons that minimize the damage caused by surgical approaches to the spine.   TranS1’s foundational solution, AxiaLIF+, requires only a 2 cm incision size, which reduces blood loss, inpatient stay, and interoperative time – all while achieving a 94% fusion rate.*

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TranS1’s research and development efforts align with two key aims: improving patient outcomes and making healthcare less expensive.

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TranS1 has been featured in a variety of publications. Learn more about our story and how we are striving to improve spine surgery technology.

Over 85 medical studies

See the full list of medical studies that support the safety and long-term outcomes of TranS1’s spinal fusion technology, such as AxiaLIF+.

Rocky Mountain Patent TranS1

Surgeon Driven

TranS1 intends to build our company into a vehicle to protect and commercialize surgeon innovations. TranS1’s CEO, Jeffrey Schell, is a patent attorney and the founder of Denver-based patent law firm Rocky Mountain Patent. This unique relationship enables the company to obtain and enforce intellectual property at a fraction of the costs that other medical device companies face.

TranS1 AxiaLIF biomechanical stability


TranS1 develops products to solve spinal pathologies while minimizing trauma to the tissues surrounding the spine.  Our products build a strong foundation upon the L5-S1 joint to enable patients to enjoy better lives.  The “start with a strong foundation” philosophy is represented by the excellent biomechanical stability of our product line.

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TranS1 ColoradoBiz

TranS1® has earned recognition for innovation, leadership, and the advancement of new technologies in Colorado from a variety of leading business organizations.

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