About the Company

Innovative, High-Tech, Transformational

Restructured under new ownership in 2015, TranS1 has emerged stronger than ever – ready to support a product line that provides a foundation for living well, driven by surgeon innovation. Our impressive team includes experienced R&D, Sales and Professional Education professionals. The TranS1 team is focused on resilient and continuous training of its sales force and physician customers, employing best in class training methods that ultimately benefit patients.


TranS1’s products build a strong foundation upon the L5-S1 joint to enable patients to enjoy better lives.

Our “start with a strong foundation” philosophy is represented by the excellent biomechanical stability of our product line.

TranS1 resolves to put physicians at the forefront of surgical innovation.


TranS1’s CEO is a patent attorney and the founder of Denver-based patent law firm Rocky Mountain Patent.  This unique relationship enables the company to obtain and enforce intellectual property at a fraction of the costs that other medical device companies face. TranS1 intends to build our company into a vehicle to protect and commercialize surgeon innovations.