Discover the Advantages of AxiaLIF+ for L5-S1 Spinal Fusion


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AxiaLIF l5 s1 spinal fusion

With over 14,000 procedures performed in the US, and 80+ medical studies establishing the safety, efficacy and biomechanics of AxiaLIF+®there is ample reason to explore AxiaLIF+® as a standard minimally invasive L5-S1 spinal fusion procedure with an alternate approach.

“With AxiaLIF+, the fact that you don’t violate any of the muscular or ligamentus structures of the spine to get to your target is a huge benefit. That’s what appeals to me — you have the natural access corridor to get to the disc without damaging the patient’s anatomy.”
David Hart, MD

Neurosurgeon, Wake Forest Baptist Health

l5s1 spinal fusion AxiaLIF

“The paracoccygeal transsacral approach gives advantages access to the spine from an anterior approach while the patient remains positioned prone for the entire surgery.  This permits the posterior decompression/fixation to be performed without adding time or repositioning or redraping the patient.”

Richard Nasca, MD and William Tobler, MD

Benzel's Spine Surgery, 6th Edition, 2016, p. 756.